16 Dec

According to, most of the unhealthy foods taste so good because of the ingredients within them. One of the most popular ingredients in unhealthy foods is sugar. Now, sugar isn’t bad for you, but in the quantities in which you consume from certain foods, the amounts can be too much.

Many people enjoy fruity, alcoholic drinks. When drinking people start forgetting how much sugar they are actually putting into their bodies from the mixed drinks, shots and chasers. Before you start drinking, Too much sugar from drinking alcohol and the mixers can make you feel sick. 


Pick drinks that have low sugar in them. You can do this by changing what is in your drink. Instead of drinking juice with your vodka, drink tonic water instead.

Keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water. If you limit yourself to two drinks, you will not have too much sugar in your system. Drink responsibly.

Here is an interesting diagram to show how much sugar is in each serving.



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