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16 Dec

According to, most of the unhealthy foods taste so good because of the ingredients within them. One of the most popular ingredients in unhealthy foods is sugar. Now, sugar isn’t bad for you, but in the quantities in which you consume from certain foods, the amounts can be too much.

Many people enjoy fruity, alcoholic drinks. When drinking people start forgetting how much sugar they are actually putting into their bodies from the mixed drinks, shots and chasers. Before you start drinking, Too much sugar from drinking alcohol and the mixers can make you feel sick. 


Pick drinks that have low sugar in them. You can do this by changing what is in your drink. Instead of drinking juice with your vodka, drink tonic water instead.

Keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water. If you limit yourself to two drinks, you will not have too much sugar in your system. Drink responsibly.

Here is an interesting diagram to show how much sugar is in each serving.



How to make your Realtionship last through the New Year

14 Dec


As the year progresses, it is important to make sure you are being nice to your boyfriend. The lingo you text him should be nice and caring. Here are some tips of what not to say to him:

I’m Fine-

IF you are moody and acting cranky, your boyfriend will ask you whats wrong. By saying “I’mFine” you are not being honest with him. It is best to tell him exactly what is going on and why you are upset. Doing this will strengthen your relationship.

Lets go on a real date-

It is not about what you do, it is about the effort he puts in. Don’t insult the amount of money he spends on the date. Instead of saying “lets go on a real date” suggest trying something new to do.

It’s just a game-

Some men find video games and football really interesting. By trying to distract him while he is putting his attention towards something else will make him cranky and agitated. If he ignores you excessively, tell him what is bothering you instead of snapping at him.


Today relax can be taken as distruction of your relationship. It will make him mad if you tell him to chill-out. Men do not like to be told what to do, and if you tell him to relax, chances are he will act opposite.

It is important to be positive when you are in your realtionship. Communication is the best thing you can do to keep your relationship healthy and positive. Also, consider if you are mad at him to give him a call on the phone rather than texting. Some texts are misinterperted because the receiver of the message is unable to see visual ques and expressions of the intention of the message.,r:16,s:0,i:214&tx=56&ty=93


Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

7 Dec



Beginning stages of a relationship:

Build– is based on appreciation and respect.  Happy couples point out small nice things they do for each other such as saying Thank you, rather than focusing on negative mistakes their partner has made. 

Explore – Create a list of things you have in common with the other person. Learn about their interests and try something new your partner is interested in. 

Establish– If you hurt your partners feelings make an effort to apologize. A healthy relationship is recognizing what you have done wrong and talking with your partner on how to resolve the situation.

Relationship change: 

As the month go by and you become more comfortable with your partner, there may be a change in your relationship. Changes outside of your relationship will impact what you need from your relationship. 

  • Make Time for Each other: 
  • Respect Changes
  • Accept Differences
  • Express Wants and Needs 
  • Respect Each other

A healthy relationship consists of love, kindness, trust, honesty, communication, and mutual respect. Security is an important aspect of a relationship because it establishes trust. As your relationship progresses, keep the excitement going by making time for each other. Having emotional support within your relationship helps make tough times easier to get through together.

An unhealthy relationship consists of fear, anxiety, depression, lack of communication and disrespect. You may want to take a step back from your partner and take time to realize what is going on. Ask yourself if the relationship is healthy for you and for your partner. Is there any way to change the relationship so that it is healthy? If not, do you really want to stay in an unhealthy relationship?