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It’s Chilly Outside…

17 Nov

During the winter months people have a higher chance of getting a cold. There are precautions people can take to reduce the chance of becoming ill.

It is important to wear appropriate clothing when going outdoors. It is a good idea to layer your clothing. Here are some different ideas of what to wear during winter: 


Hats made of wool of fleece, ear muffs or a headband. 

Sunglasses: with full UV protection. These will be beneficial when driving in snowy conditions. Also it will help with the glare. 

Neoprene Face Mask is a good idea for when it is below zero outdoors. 


 Lined gloves, or double pair with under poly pro, down mittens, Outer Goretex mittens


Socks: When it is extremely cold outside, it is a good idea to wear two pairs of socks. If your feet are freezing cold, this will send a message up to the rest of your body that you are cold. One of the fastest ways to warm your body up is to wear warm socks. 

Mid-layer: A long sleeve shirt is appropriate to wear under a jacket. If it is dangerously cold outside, you should wear a sweatshirt on top of the long sleeve shirt under your jacket. 

Drinking fluids can decrease the chance of illness during the winter months. Keeping hydrated flushes bad illnesses out of your system quicker. If you are feeling like you are coming down with a cold, try a warm cup of chicken noodle soup. This is know to cure your cold quickly. 





Holiday Giving

12 Nov

Giving holiday gifts creates happiness and psychological health. When we do random acts of kindness for others it nourishes love in relationships. Doing acts of generosity builds the human spirit. Giving the smallest gift to someone or doing a random act of kindness can brighten someones day. Doing a random act of kindness for someone is important everyday and not only around the holiday season.

Benefits of Giving:

Builds relationships- In addition to ripening someones day, it can lead to new friendships. Giving reinforces appreciation of the person and acknowledges them as an individual.

Expresses feelings- Giving shows people how much you care about them. It expresses thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

Creates Memories- When someone is having a bad day, they can think back to when you did something nice for them and made them feel special. Giving symbolizes love

Creates Predictability-Giving creates trust or that giving in a ritualistic way helps you be consistent with giving or that people know that you are are reliable person

De-Stressor- When we put our attention towards thinking about others, we focus less on our own stressful situation.  In addition to making someone feel special and loved, our own sense of well-being is enhanced.

Creates Miracles- When we give for the greater good it reinforces love in our lives.  This in turn can invite others to give which can transform not only the life of the giver, but many others.

After giving, it releases endorphins in your body and makes us feel great. It puts our mind at ease and helps us sleep better at night knowing we did something good for someone else during the day.

“Research shows that people who give without expectation and who do not feel diminished by the act of giving are the most psychologically healthy in our society today.” -Bernadette Dimitrov